It is possible to have a selling price for an item specific to the Store Name that the EPOS system is set to. In the same way that you can add product pricing by channel, you can add pricing to an EPOS Store Name as if it were a channel in its own right. With the Source being "EPOS" and the Subsource being the Store Name the EPOS system is set to in EPOS Settings.

To add product pricing by channel for EPOS you will need to:

  • Open EPOS and Click The EPOS Settings Button 
  • Name the Store in the Store Name Field, click save  
  • Create a CSV file with 2 columns. SKU and Price and populate with values. 
  • Go to - Settings - Import Data and create a new Inventory Import routine
  • Select your file and proceed to the Column Mapping stage
  • The SKU column will be mapped automatically and the Price column in the file will need to be mapped to the 'Price By Channel' column
  • The Source will need to be set to 'EPOS' and the SubSource will be the store name as applied above
  • Import the file

Please see the following link for further information on the Inventory Import routine:

This may also be done manually from the Inventory screen in Linnworks:

  • Locate the SKU in the inventory screen and open the Item Details page
  • Proceed to the Listing Descriptions tab and press 'Add New' under the 'Product Pricing by Channel' window
  • Un-check "Default" check-box 
  • Enter "Source" as EPOS 
  • Enter "Subsource" as the Store Name you have set in EPOS Settings 
  • Add the EPOS specific price and save the item settings.