Note: WMS feature

In Warehouse Managed location in Linnworks any stock movement must be logged. We can do this by creating a move in Linnworks and completing it straight away, which as the term suggests will complete the move and actually move the quantity from one binrack to another. Or alternatively, we can Book the move. Booking the move can be thought of as an instruction for warehouse staff to move stock from one binrack to another, while at the same time we are blocking this stock from being allocated to orders or being counted - we basically reserved this stock for some action. 

In Linnworks, to book the move 

  • go to Warehouse Management and find a binrack from where you want to move a particular item, or;
  • go to Warehouse Management -> Actions -> Replenishment -> open an suggested replenishment and instantiate a move, or;
  • in My Inventory find the item you want to move, Edit -> Inventory, find the binrack and a batch which you want to move and click Move button.

In Linnworks mobile:

  • Open Stock Move
  • Find the Open or In Transit move and complete it, once the stock actually/physically moved from one binrack to another

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