2,Sold Stock Between Dates (by Source)


4,Repeat Customers

6,Stock Items (no levels)

8,Stock items (with levels)

9,Orders between dates

10,Orders Totals between dates

11,Order details between dates

13,Returns - Order Item Returns

14,Inventory - All channel linked items

15,Customer who bought an item (search)

16,Stock Consumption Pivoted search

17,Stock Item Sold Pivoted Monthly

18,Amazon - Mapped Listings (for LinnLive with categories)

19,Sold Stock between dates (with country, service)

20,Stock Levels (select by category)

21,Total Orders by Day, Source and Subsource

24,Stock Items by Location and BinRack (with Levels)

25,Consumption Rate - Avg Stock Rate

26,Consumption Rate - Avg Stock Normal Distribution - No Spikes

27,Direct Sales by user name

28,Stock Movement

29,Order Cancelation - Grouped By Source

30,Order Cancelation - Detailed

31,Order item resend - Grouped by Reason Category

32,Order item resend - Details

33,Order item Exchange - Grouped by Exchange Category

34,Order item Exchange - Details

35,Order item returns - Grouped by Return Category

36,Order item returns - Details

37,Product Suppliers

38,Refunds - Order Item Refunds

39,Purchase Order Items

40,Purchase Orders (Delivered)

41,Stock Levels - Combined

42,TradeBox Export

43,Order Refunds by item with shipping as an item

44,Consumption Rate - Avg Stock Rate by Supplier

45,Basic Finance Export (Between Dates) - No Returns

47,Sold Granular - Between Dates

48,IWOCA - Sales summary by weeks

49,IWOCA - Stock summary by weeks

51,IWOCA - Purchase order summary by weeks

52,Consumption Rate - Based on Availability

53,Sold Stock Between Dates (by Location and Source)

54,Channel Information by Source

55,Composite Export

57,Extended Properties

58,Purchase Orders by Status and Date


60,Package Category Usage Between Dates

62,Sales Totals by SubSource (processed)

63,Unsold between dates by channel

64,Channel Mappings by category, source, item

66,KType By Stock Item

68,Stock Items By KType

74,Refunds - Order Item Refunds (Actioned)

75,Product Images

77,Stock sold between dates (by Location and Currency)

78,Search Serial Number

79,Remove The Background – Log

80,Basic Finance Export (Between Dates) - With Returns

81,Consumption Rate by Subsource

82,Manually deleted orders

83,eBay Stricken off listings and variations

85,Variation Items by Parent

86,Financial Summary Negatives

87,eBay Inventory - Active

88,eBay Inventory - Pending

89,eBay Inventory - Ended

90,eBay listings logs

91,Order Split Packaging between dates

92,eBay Duplicate Listings

93,Sold Stock Between Dates (by Location and Currency)

94,Composite Parent Sales History

95,SKUs Not Linked To Any Listings On Specific Channel

96,Last Update Status For Linked Listings

97,Open Order Location

101,Hourly Dispatch Report

102,Purchase Order Items by Status and Date

103,Channel SKUs

104,Channel Linking

105,eBay Motorcycle compatibility (ePID) by Stock Item

106,Inventory Batching - Batches approaching Sell By

107,Inventory Batching - Batches by batch status

108,Inventory Batching - Batches sales history

109,Unsupported multi level composites

110,Stock Items with no Default Supplier

111,Purchase Order Item History