In order to avoid re-configuring the Linnworks account for a newly created Amazon service, it is advised to use the existing service from the Amazon Buy Shipping integration and re-add it to the new integration.

If however a new service is created instead of re-linking the existing one, ensure that you will review all required settings on the account, such as Rules engine set up, Email automation, Invoice/Template printing conditions etc to take into account the new service details.


I need to migrate my existing Amazon Buy Shipping services to the (New) Amazon Shipping integration


1. Ensure that the (New) Amazon Shipping integration has been integrated to your Linnworks account:!documentation/amazon-shipping

2. Remove the Amazon Buy Shipping services from the integration ensuring that required service configuration has been checked via Shipping > Integrations > Amazon Buy Shipping > Services > Edit. Click the bin icon to remove the service and once done click Finish.

3. Open the services tab for the (New) Amazon Shipping integration and add all required services from the dropdown list of available services. Ensure that you click the Edit button should you need to specify the delivery Experience or a different service setting. 

4. Click the linking icon next to the Edit button and select the existing postal service from the supplied list. This list will only show Linnworks Postal services that are currently not linked with any shipping integration.

5. When all of the services have been linked and service settings have been applied (if required) click the Finish button.

You may view this video that shows the above steps being performed:

NB! Some service names may be different in the (New) Amazon Shipping integration to the name that was appearing in Amazon Buy Shipping integration. You may even see some service codes used instead of names. If you are unsure which service would need to be added, please view this article, or contact Technical Support.

It is also possible that not all available services will appear in the dropdown list of available services when you first view the integration. Upon running Shipping quotes on an Amazon order for the (New) Amazon Shipping integration - new services will appear in the dropdown if Amazon will return them as available options.