I have tried printing an Amazon Shipping label and am seeing this error returned:

Please note that the service SWA-UK-PREM is unavailable for the order source AMAZON


This error is being returned because SWA-UK-PREM service is for non-Amazon orders only. You will need to either check available services via > Orders > Open Orders > right-click on an order > Shipping > Get Quotes functionality or assign SWA-UK-PRIME-PREM or SWA-UK-ECON service to the order.

Please ensure that correct services are assigned to the orders based on the order Source.

Services that can be used for Amazon orders:


- Standard (up to 3 working days) - SWA-UK-ECON;

- Above will be either Parcel or Large Letter size (Letterboxable);

Services that can be used for non-Amazon orders:

- Next Day only - SWA-UK-PREM;

- Parcel only

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