I have tried printing an Amazon Shipping label and am seeing one of following errors returned:

No eligible service offerings were returned by Amazon Shipping. Please try again tomorrow, before your pickup window starts

No eligible service offerings returned that matched chosen criteria. Please alter "days to delivery", "max postage cost" or try again tomorrow before your pickup window starts


There are multiple possible scenarios on what needs to be done to resolve the errors:

1. The error may be returned because of the pickup schedule being incorrect/inconsistent with the schedule on Amazon Shipping website. Please proceed to > Shipping > Amazon Shipping > Config, remove all values from pickup schedule and click Save. Linnworks will then try to book the closest available collection slot when printing the shipping label.

2. Please check that correct service is assigned to the order based on where the order was downloaded from. You can also attempt to use Get Quotes functionality to see which services return for the order in > Orders > Open Orders screen when you right-click on the order and go to Shipping > Get Quotes.

Services that can be used for Amazon orders:
- Standard (up to 3 working days) - SWA-UK-ECON;
- Above will be either Parcel or Large Letter size (Letterboxable);

Services that can be used for non-Amazon orders:
- Next Day only - SWA-UK-PREM;
- Parcel only

3. The error may also be returned if the order destination address is located in a remote area - Highlands, islands etc. In this case you may need to use an alternative carrier that delivers to these locations.

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