Amazon Shipping integration can also be used to print labels for non-Amazon orders.

In order to set Amazon Shipping up in general, you would first need to contact Amazon Support directly to be authorized to use the integration and whitelisted to ship non-Amazon orders.

The main limitations for shipping non-Amazon orders with Amazon Shipping to keep in mind: 

  • Only Next Day (SWA-UK-PREM) service is available.
  • Only Parcel size is supported and Parcel rates will be applied.

Once you have been enrolled into Amazon Shipping on Amazon side directly, you can add the integration to Linnworks by using the guidance step provided in this documentation page.

Please note! 

When setting up the integration, you will be offered the option to add Pickup schedule times.

If you choose to use this option, please make sure that the times match the pickup window offered by Amazon Shipping exactly.

If the Pickup schedule times are different compared to the Amazon offer even by 30 minutes, then you may have issues with shipping label printing and the Shipping Quotes function.

Alternatively, you may leave the Pickup schedule times on the integration configuration empty. In this case, the closest available pick-up will be booked instead.