When printing shipping labels with for an Amazon Buy Shipping service via Linnworks, I am receiving the following error:

GetEligibleShippingService: InternalError


This error is directly produced by the Amazon API and is a long-standing issue occurring sporadically for some users. The cause of the matter has been investigated by Linnworks team and Amazon in collaboration and the most likely culprit appears to be some issues with the Seller Fulfilled Prime onboarding process on Amazon end.

The latest update we have received from Amazon:

After carefully reviewing all the chain of events, we realized that the errors were generated due to an incomplete onboarding to Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP).

As per the SFP team, the integrator and the sellers must be onboarded with all available carriers.

In the case of Royal Mail, they must have a business account with them and integrate it with Amazon, before accepting Terms & Conditions in SellerCentral.

They also must be onboarded by one of the onboarding specialists in SFP.


In order to resolve this, Amazon has asked any users experiencing this error to contact their support directly. 

Amazon Support will need to review and handle the error on a case-by-case basis, While contacting Amazon Support, please also specify the error message received via API and the notion that there is most likely a need to involve an SFP onboarding specialist.

Whether Amazon Support requests any further details from you, e.g. a Request-Response files to see/prove the error received via API, then please contact our Technical Support requesting so and we will be able to provide you with the needed files.

NB! If the error message you are receiving is different i.e. not ending with InternalError, but the following:

Error GetEligibleShippingService: Error.Shipping service ***** you are trying to use for this shipment is not available on Amazon. 

Then please see this article for solution suggestions.