Amazon is changing the way 3rd party integrators like Linnworks connect to Amazon accounts. In order to continue successfully using your Amazon integration in Linnworks, please go ahead and re-authorise it as described below.

- go to Settings > Channel Integration

- open the Edit Channel screen for your Amazon integration

- click Authorise

Linnworks will then open the Amazon Authorisation wizard and guide you through the rest of the steps. You need to know your Amazon username and password to log into Amazon to grant Linnworks access. Please note that this process needs to be completed for each of your Amazon marketplace integrations separately. You can find a more detailed guide here:

If you don't see the Authorise button on your Amazon integration, then you don't need to do anything about that integration - it has already been authorised and is working correctly.

We have sent out an email about this earlier in February - "Update your Amazon Integration Before 11/02/2019".