To comply with VTR regulations from Amazon for shipping Amazon orders and using Seller Fulfilled Prime, please follow the below steps to ensure your integration is set up correctly.

To avoid any errors during label printing, first accept the Terms and Conditions for all carriers on Amazon Seller Central via the following links:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Step 1

Add the Amazon - Buy Shipping integration to Linnworks via > Shipping > Integrations > Add new > Amazon - Buy Shipping > Integrate.  Details on the Integration Wizard can be seen here.

Step 2

When all details are filled in and the integration is added, proceed to the Services tab.

Select the services you want to use for your Amazon orders from the dropdown menu and click Add.

NB! For Royal Mail services, additional steps are needed for the service configuration. Please see here.


  • Existing services from other integrations cannot be linked to Amazon Buy Shipping.  All services need to be created in the Amazon Buy Shipping integration directly.

  • To add DPD services, follow all the steps described in this solution article.

  • You cannot use your direct Royal Mail integration to print labels for Amazon Prime orders.
    Using a direct Royal Mail integration for non-prime Amazon orders may affect your VTR. Amazon recommends using Amazon Buy Shipping instead.

    To avoid any issues, add Royal Mail OBA and Tracked services to the Amazon Buy Shipping integration following the steps described here.

Step 3 - This step is applicable to Amazon Prime orders. To use the integration for non-prime orders, you can skip this step.

All Amazon Next Day orders will have two order identifiers automatically assigned in Linnworks:

  • Amazon prime delivery
  • Amazon Premium Order (NB! this identifier is assigned when necessary, but is not visible in the old Open Orders screen).

All Standard Prime orders will have one order identifier assigned to them:

  • Amazon prime delivery

You can set up a Rules Engine rule to automatically allocate the respective Next Day Prime and Standard Prime services for orders with these identifiers.

  1. Create a new rule via > Orders > Rules Engine > +Add new rule.
  2. Create a set of conditions for Next Day Prime orders that will check:

    - the order Source and/or SubSource
    - whether the order has both the Prime and Premium identifiers assigned.

    Example rule setup for Next Day Prime orders:
  3. Set up the Action to assign the Next Day Prime service added to your integration and click Save changes.
  4. Click on the + Add New button and add the next set of conditions to the same rule for Standard Prime orders that will check:

    - the Source and/or SubSource
    - whether the order has the Prime identifier and does not have the Premium identifier assigned.

    Example rule setup for Standard Prime orders:
  5. Set up the Action to assign the Standard Day Prime service added to your integration and click Save changes

Here is an example of how the rule to assign Prime services to your Amazon prime orders will look like in the end:

Step 4

Make sure each order has the correct weight and dimensions assigned or an error will be returned from Amazon when printing shipping labels. 

The most accurate way to assign correct weights and dimensions is using an Inventory import so the details are added to each inventory item directly.

Manifest for Royal Mail via Amazon Buy Shipping

Amazon Buy Shipping API does not support manifesting from Linnworks. The manifest can still be filed in Linnworks internally for your own reference and to clear the Shipping manifest screen.

  • No details are sent to the shipping vendor from Linnworks.
  • Manifest documents cannot be printed from Linnworks.
  • All Manifest documentation needs to be filed and printed on Seller Central directly.

Possible errors

  1. The most common error when printing Amazon - Buy Shipping labels is an error indicating that no services are available for the consignment. This error is returned directly from Amazon and the steps for troubleshooting and resolving it are available in this solution article.

  2. Issues with using DPD services are often caused by problems with the setup. Follow the steps in this solution article to make sure DPD services for Prime orders are added correctly.

  3. Issues with using Royal Mail services for both Prime and non-prime Amazon orders are often caused by missing settings. To add the services correctly, follow the steps here.

    NB! Royal Mail CRL/Special Delivery/1st Class/2nd Class non-signature services will not be displayed in the Get Quotes function in the Open Orders screen. Available quotes for Amazon Buy Shipping integration can only be displayed for services with "Without signature" or "With signature" delivery experience.