The following error is produced when trying to print an Amazon Buy Shipping label:

Error GetEligibleShippingService: Error.Shipping service ***** you are trying to use for this shipment is not available on Amazon.


This error means that the shipping service you are trying to use is not available for this order. Amazon returns a list of available services, but the one assigned to your order is not in the returned list. To see all services available for this order, you can click Get Quotes which will show you all services returned from Amazon.

If no services are returned, please check which services are shown as available on Amazon Seller Central (Seller Central > Orders > Manage orders > Find the order > Order details > Buy Shipping).

If services are showing in Seller Central, but not in Linnworks, check the following:

  1. Dimensions and weight are identical in Linnworks and Seller Central.

  2. If Seller Central service is a signature service: make sure the "Delivery Confirmation with Signature" option is enabled in Linnworks integration Config.

  3. If only DPD services are showing on Seller Central: make sure to enable the "Delivery Confirmation with Signature" option in Linnworks, since all DPD services are confirmed with signature.

  4. If there are  Royal Mail CRL/Special Delivery/1st Class/2nd Class non-signature services showing on Seller Central, make sure to enable the "Include Drop offs" option in Linnworks integration Config and set the Delivery Experience to "No tracking" in Shipping > Integrations > Services > Edit. See more here.

  5. If there are other services than Amazon Shipping/Logistics, Royal Mail or DPD: enable the "Include Drop offs" option in Linnworks integration Config to tell the system to request drop-off services from Amazon.

  6. If the latest delivery date is set as 2 days from purchase date, Amazon may not return all services (Standard, 2nd Class) as available ones.

  7. If all of the above steps have been followed, but no quotes are returned: go to Shipping > Integrations > Quotes and make sure the "Quote only for added servicesis disabled.


NB! If the error message you are receiving is different i.e. InternalError:

GetEligibleShippingService: InternalError

Then please see this solution article for instructions.