When creating the inventory on Catch, it is important to consider channel requirements for products. 

Product Attributes

There are 2 types of product attributes that are used:

  • Mandatory attributes - these are the minimum fields required to submit a product to Catch. Either by spreadsheet or a direct feed. 
  • Optional attributes - these are extra fields of data that Catch request when you create a product. These fields of data are used by Catch mainly in search and navigational filters

When submitting your product data to Catch, you need to ensure that you have all the mandatory attributes for your products - otherwise, your file will be rejected. Please check this guide from Catch marketplace for more details:

Overview of Catch Product Attributes.

Product Variation

When listing a Variation group on Catch, instead of creating single product listings for every available size Catch create just one product page with all of the size variations for that specific colour. There is a certain way how you would need to submit your data. Please check this detailed guide from Catch: Product Variation - using the variant-id field.