I have signed up for Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) program and would like to assign correct services to orders now.


Add the 'Amazon - Buy Shipping' integration to Linnworks, which is the dedicated Shipping integration for printing Prime labels.

1. Proceed to - Shipping - integrations - Add new - Amazon - Buy Shipping:

2. After filling out all details, proceed to Services tab and select Royal Mail services from the drop-down menu and click Add:

3. You may leave the Service name under 'Linnworks Service' as it is, and a new Service will be added to your Linnworks Postal Services with 'Amazon - Buy Shipping' as the Shipping Vendor.

4. Make sure correct service will be assigned to the Prime order prior to printing the label. the easiest way would be to map the services under Shipping mapping for the Amazon channel.

  • Orders going with Amazon Shipping One-Day Tracked, or any other next day service will have shipping tag 'UK Next' in the order XML
  • Orders going with Amazon Shipping Standard Tracked, or any other cheaper service will have shipping tag 'Std UK Dom_2' in the order XML

In order to add these to Amazon, proceed to - Settings - Channel Integration - Amazon - Edit channel Shipping - Add new - map the relevant Services to your newly created Linnworks postal services:

5. After the above is done, please make sure to accept Amazon - Buy Shipping Terms and conditions via the following link:


If the order will have weight and packaging dimensions added and the relevant service selected, the label will be printed successfully via Linnworks.

Please Note! In case if you are using Amazon Premium shipping alongside with Prime, please refer to this article for further Service mapping