Amazon requires all Prime sellers to print Amazon - Buy Shipping labels for their Prime orders. This can be done by setting up a new rule in the Rules Engine. There are 2 scenarios for this:

1. You would only like to use 1 shipping service for Amazon - Buy Shipping.

2. You would like to use several services (Next day delivery, Standard delivery).

Scenario 1: I would like to use only 1 service for Prime orders


1. Create a new rule

2. Add a condition that checks for the Amazon SubSource name for the integration that your prime orders are being placed on. In the same condition, add another check for all orders assigned with Tag 6: 

3. Add an Action to set the order to the Linnworks Postal Service that is linked to the Amazon - Buy Shipping service:

Outcome: All Amazon orders with Tag 6 and the relevant SubSource will be assigned to Amazon Logistics only (Non-US) service.

Scenario 2: I would like to assign Next Day delivery service as well as Standard service.


1. Set up shipping mapping for the Amazon channel with relevant shipping service tags. For next day delivery the service tag will be 'UK Next' and for Standard, it will be 'Std UK Dom_2'. For a detailed guide on how to assign these to the shipping mapping, please refer to this article.

2a. If you would like to only assign shipping services based on the service tag from the channel, rules engine will not necessarily be needed, unless you would like to allocate all Prime orders to a particular Folder for example. In this case, you may simply disable the Prime rule and make sure that other rules do not affect orders with Tag 6 for example.

2b. If you would like to allocate Prime orders to a Folder, please follow steps from Scenario 1 and in the Action tab choose to 'Assign order to Folder'.

2c. If the rule would need to be a bit more complex, and you would like to assign shipping service based on some weight and/or packaging dimensions, the can also be set up via rules engine. Is the service tag was allocating to a next day delivery, but due to item weight you would need to assign it to a cheaper service, the condition can be specified like this:

3. Assign Action to allocate the cheaper service if the weight is greater than mentioned in the condition. If the weight does not exceed what you specify, the rule will not apply to it and the service mapped from shipping mapping will remain on the order.

Outcome: If the rules engine will not be applied to prime orders, then services used from shipping mapping will be displayed. If specific weight/dimension conditions will be applied, rules engine will overwrite the shipping mapping allocation and assign the relevant service you specify in Actions.

Important points to consider:

  • If the 'Amazon Prime' rule will be in the beginning of the list of rules, and another rule will run after it and will find a match - that latest rule will overwrite the 'Prime' rule and the shipping mapping.
  • If only shipping mapping is used and some of the existing rules will match the order conditions - the rule will overwrite the shipping mapping.
  • All conditions must be met in order for the rule to apply.

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