Woocommerce orders get downloaded with the Default shipping method.


To make sure that the shipping services get allocated correctly for Woocommerce orders, please follow the steps below:

1) Copy the following information from an open order XML. Proceed to Orders > Open Orders > Right-click on the order > View > View Order XML > Shipping Lines > Shipping Line > MethodID and MethodTitle as per the image:

2) Choose to create a new shipping service mapping via Settings > Channel integration > Edit Channel Shipping > Create New

3) In Create New Channel Shipping Service fill in the following:

Channel Service Name: Paste the MethodTitle from XML.
Channel Service Tag: Paste the MethodID from the XML. Please Note! All the channel service tags that are created on the Woocommerce must be unique.
Linnworks Postal Service: Choose one from the drop-down that you wish to map.