In some cases only single items from a batch need to be set as damaged and not the whole batch. Here are the steps for achieving this:

  1. Go to My Inventory
  2. Locate the item
    • Open the Product Details screen
  3. Go to Inventory tab and select the Batch No which you wish to modify 
    • Double click on the Level field
    • Insert the new stock Level (which would be the previous batch quantity minus the quantity of damaged items)

As the last step, create a new batch (with the same batch details) for the items that have been damaged:

  1. Click Add New 
  2. Enter the details of the new damaged batch (the same details as your modified batch)  
    • Batch No -  for example, 123456Damaged
    • Sell by / Expires on - the same dates as the original batch. For example, 24 Nov 2019 / 15 Dec 2019
    • Bin/rack - Can be left empty if no indication is needed for records 
    • Quantity - the quantity that has been damaged. For example, 110 - 109 = 1
    • Unit cost - the unit cost of the original item
    • Status - DAMAGED
  3. Click Add 
  4. Click Save 

For further information on inventory batching, please refer to this documentation.