Please provide short description about your integration.

- Please make sure that you have provide logo of the right size, quality and format in your manifest ChannelLogoURL section. It must be 40x40 pixels and in PNG format and logo of 187x70 and 200x200 pixels required for our documentation.

- Before submitting your application for a review, please provide us with all information on and make sure you filled in - Account Details - Your personal details.

- Any links that will be useful for our customers: Your Website Link, Link to the Channel Integrated, any user manuals on how to integrate your channel and where to get information to go through integration wizard.

- Functionalities supported by integration - Order Refunds, Inventory Linking, Shipping Mapping, Payment Service Mapping, Dispatch Notifications, Inventory level updates, Listing creation, Listing update, Price change updates

- Credentials for the Channel that is under review, for testing purposes. Any testing order numbers or inventory items SKUs created on a channel.

- Before submitting your application for a review please test it thoroughly. You can see let of errors generated by your integration in - Settings - Automation Logs (EXTERNAL jobs).

- Provide your ApplciationID and ApplicationSecret.

- Correct your pricing plans. If your app is free, just delete all pricing plans from it. 

- To submit your app for verification, please create a ticket in a category - Settings - API with all information from above.