I want to be able to list my products multiple times to the same eBay site.


There are many reasons to want to list the same SKU multiple times to eBay, but please be aware of their duplicate listings policy.

To list the same item several times, you will need to add various prices and titles by channel to a stock item. They can be added from the Product Details screen or imported in bulk using an Inventory Import, using the Price by Channel and Title by Channel columns. The Source is EBAY and the SubSource is the exact name of the integration, i.e. EBAY0, followed by an underscore and a number. For instance, if creating two separate listings for the same item on EBAY0, SubSource would need to be written as EBAY0_1 and EBAY0_2. Country codes can be added on to the end of these subsources as EBAY0_1_UK, EBAY0_2_UK, and so on.

NB! This method only works for channel-specific prices and titles. It does not work for descriptions.

Now, once the above is set, from the My Inventory screen create a listing for the product. Right-click in the Channels column, then click Create listing on EBAY and finally, select a configurator. Repeat this process to create another listing using the next available product description. Please note that for this process to work, you will need to use a configurator which uses the same subsource.

NB! If you sell internationally through your eBay UK store and wish to use this feature, please ensure that the listings descriptions added has a suffix with the country code (UK/DE/ES/IT/FR) as appropriate. For instance: EBAY0_1_FR, EBAY0_2_FR, EBAY0_3_FR etc.


Multiple templates will be created, which can be listed to eBay.