I have inventory that is mapped to Cdiscount listings, but the stock level is not updating on the channel and I am receiving the following error message:

Critical Error: Set to ignore sync due to multiple failures on: Price for this item cannot be found. Cannot sync with the channel without price


It is a requirement on Cdiscount - a price needs to be submitted along with any change in inventory level. The item that is syncing does not have a channel-specific Listing Price and therefore the inventory sync is failing. This happens when a Cdiscount listing is mapped to a Linnworks inventory item through any other method than the Cdiscount Inventory Mapping screen (Data Import, Open Order > Link unassigned items or in the My Inventory Edit item screen)


Re-map in the Cdiscount Inventory Mapping screen

  • Go to Settings > Channel Integration
  • Open the Inventory mapping for your Cdiscount integration
  • Select the listingwith the issue in the left hand pane
  • Click the Unlink button
  • The button will change to Link
  • Click the Link button to re-link the item and download the price from Cdiscount into Linnworks


All subsequent stock level updates will be submitted correctly