Batch error (20) - Request is throttled - Amazon returns this error when it has suspended the processing of certain requests for your account for a short period of time. This happens due to the fact that Amazon has a limit on the number of requests a user can make per hour. If this number is exceeded, then Amazon suspends new requests of this type.

Typically, this error occurs when Mean Repricer sends too many updates at the same time, or is used alongside other programs that send API requests to your Amazon account. If you use Linnworks along with Mean Repricer, then the number of requests can be high enough to exceed the limit, especially if you are selling on several different Amazon sites.

If your Mean Repricer account is the same as your Linnworks account, then you can have Mean Repricer run together with your Linnworks Desktop by enabling the option to "Run Mean Repricer every hour". This is a local setting which is saved on the machine where you enable this option on, and it will have Mean Repricer start every hour while your Linnworks Desktop is running on that machine. Please note that you only need to enable this option on one of your machines to make sure it works correctly.

In order to enable this option on one of your Linnworks Desktop instances, please go to Linnworks Desktop > Settings > Application Settings > enable the "Run Mean Repricer every hour" option and restart Linnworks. Keep in mind that Mean Repricer will work every hour only as long as Linnworks is running on that machine.