When you first print a ZPL label from Linnworks to your printer it could change the name of your printer automatically and require new drivers to be installed.

For example:

Printer CLP-S521 will change to CLP-S521Z (This is because it has detected a different printing language and has changed its configuration automatically).

This will then mean you will not be able to print through other software that uses DataMax or RAW emulation. To manually change the printer emulation mode, follow these steps:
  • Turn on the printer holding down Pause and Feed keys together
  • The printer will beep three times and the Condition LED will flash
  • Press Feed key once for Datamax emulation (For Ship@Ease)
  • Press Feed Key twice for ZPL emulation (For Direct integration with Linnworks)
  • The printer will beep each time the feed key is pressed
  • To save the new selection, press the Mode / Repeat key
  • The printer will beep a further 3 times and then will restart