Some extra details may be required by DPD that are not a standard field in Linnworks. To make use of these properties they will need to be added as extended properties on Linnworks and then mapped to the appropriate property in the DPD integration. 

How do I set up DPD Direct Properties?

In order to set up the DPD Direct properties, they need to be added as extended properties to all stock items that will be dispatched using the DPD Direct service.

Go to Inventory > My Inventory, find an item that will be dispatched with the DPD Direct service and go to Edit Item. Add the extended properties to the item, for example:

  • CountryOfOrigin - where it was manufactured
  • FabricContent - the material of the item
  • HarmonisedCode - (HS) internationally standardized system of names and numbers to classify traded products
  • TypeDescription - product name

For information on creating/ using extended properties please see this guide. Note that the extended properties can also be added using the Inventory Import in the Import Data tool.

Once these extended properties are added to your items, proceed back to Shipping > Integrations, open the DPD Properties window (above image) and select the extended properties in the Item extended property column.

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