To turn on Automatic merging of order, you will need to

  • Right click Open Orders
  • Configuration
  • Order Automation
  • Add New
  • Merge

Once this is set up, any orders that meet the following criteria will be merged.

  • Same Source
  • Same Subsource
  • Same Email Address
  • Same Shipping Address
  • Same Postcode
  • Same Currency
  • Same shipping service
  • A status of paid
  • Not Processed
  • Not Locked
  • Not Parked
  • No invoices or labels printed for both orders

Please note that Auto Merge only works on a local sync, i.e. it will not function if you use Autonomous Sync only.

To sync locally you can either click Synchronization -> Sync or set up automatic sync by going to Settings > Application Settings and using the drop down box to set a sync time interval (Sync Periodically).

This is a local setting and your Linnworks client will need to be running on this machine for the sync to start periodically. Make sure that you only set the automatic sync on one computer, and also make sure that only one computer syncs. You should never have more than one machine running sync (excluding autonomous sync).