Linnworks brings down eBay orders in two parts. First, it downloads the Order information, then the transaction information, and binds them together to create one whole order.

If you delete an order in Linnworks, this does not delete the transaction information from the database. This means that Linnworks will not try and re-download the order from the channel, because it already has a record of that orders transaction in the database.

To check if you deleted an order, but the transaction ID is still in the database, please try the following:

1) Go to Dashboards

2) Go to Query Data

3) Use the ‘Query Type’ menu to select ‘Custom Query’ from the bottom of the list

4) Close the Windows Explorer

5) Double click on the description text underneath the drop down menu

6) Delete the test already in the window, and replace it with this query:


FROM dbo.eBay_Transactions et


7) Replace CUSTOMER EMAIL with the email address of the missing order

8) Click ‘Apply’, then ‘Execute’

If a record shows in the table below, then Linnworks did, at some point, download the order. The order was then deleted from Linnworks, but the transaction ID was left in place, preventing the order from being downloaded again.