We are currently working on adding the functionality to adjust our current Amazon shipping mapping settings to include Shipping Templates.

The current workaround would be to manually add each of the shipping template's tags into the Amazon shipping allocation screen and linking that to the Linnworks postal service. The easiest way to find these tags would be to check the orders themselves. If you go to the Open Orders screen in Linnworks and find an Amazon order, you can right click on it and go to View - View Order XML. The shipping template tag would be found under the 'ShipServiceLevel' line.

You will then need to go to Settings - Channel Integration - Amazon Config - Shipping Allocation, click on 'Click here to add a new row', enter this tag into the Amazon Tag column and link it to a Linnworks postal service.

Once this is done, and the settings are saved, all new Amazon orders with this tag will have the correct service assigned to them.