The remote server returned an error: (530) Not logged in – FTP username or password is incorrect.

The remote name could not be resolved: '' – FTP server name is incorrect.

The remote server returned an error: (550) File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no access) –This means that the path you have specified in the FTP path field is incorrect i.e. on of the remote folders don’t exists. Login to your FTP server using FTP client (filezilla for example), navigate to the folder containing your website and confirm the remote site path. For example if my ftp server is, when connecting to the server my root folder has htdocs and zencart folder in htdocs. The full FTP path is ftp://

The remote server returned an error: 227 Entering Passive Mode – your FTP server is configured to work in Active mode only. Tick FTP Use Active Mode and try again.

The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found. Step: Test URL Gateway – Site URL is invalid. After uploading the gateway script it could not be reached using Site URL. Linnworks attempts to upload linnworks_xml.php or linnworks_xml.aspx to the website and then access it using Site URL/linnworks_xml.php or Site URL/linnworks_xml.aspx.

Unknown MySQL server host 'xxxxxxx' (11004) – database server name is incorrect.

Error: Unknown database 'xxxxxxxx' - database name is incorrect.

Access denied for user 'xxxxx'@'localhost' (using password: YES) – database username or password is incorrect.

Error: (405) Method Not Allowed - The webhost may not have enabled browsing or there is no file that can process the upload