IOSS number for imports (ebay message)

I have been notified by ebay that from the 1st July 2021 an IOSS number for VAT collection must be shared with the carrier in order for customs in each EU country to know that the VAT has already been collected and therefore not to charge it to the recipient. This is the message below

"Share IOSS number for imports: where eBay has collected VAT on your shipment from the UK to the EU (up to a consignment value of EUR 150), always electronically provide to your carrier the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) number provided by eBay. Otherwise, your buyers may have to pay VAT again on delivery."

Is Linnworks aware of this change and will this be integrated to be included in EU postage labels or customs labels?

Essentially is this something which has already been looked into as I cannot seem to find any literature on a solution for this to be integrated by Linnworks.

Kind Regards Patrick

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We have printed EU labels and the IOSS is not showing, only tried Royal Mail so far but no IOSS badge, the extended property is set in the settings but no hint of it anywhere.

Started a live web chat but no reply, must be busy with people like me saying the same!

Also - looked at our Shipping Service integration and the status on them all says cancelled!  The manifest looks the same however and they are still printing.  

Don't know if we are coming or going, is it safe to post UK even when the status says cancelled?  Think we will hold the EU's until confirmed sorted.


You may follow this article with specific instructions for each shipping courier, there is one last update going out today:

That article will also mention which Royal Mail services are supported for submitting the IOSS number to Royal Mail.

All other carriers have now been updated and are ready for the changes.

If the carrier will need to have both the VAT Number and the IOSS Number supplied, you would need to use the MARKETPLACE_TAXID and the MARKETPLACE_IOSS Order Extended Properties respectively, however not all carriers will accept 2 values (since some did not implement a separate field for IOSS).

The integrations issues with Royal Mail services showing as cancelled has also been fixed by Royal Mail on their end yesterday evening. 

Hope this helps.

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Automatically its copied as this;


Property Value; IM4420001201

Property Type; Order

Is this correct or should Type be ‘Attribute'


Order type will also be supported, so this does not need to be corrected.

Kind regards,


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