Please add integreation with ALIEXPRESS

Hi, I think it would be necessary to take seriously the possibility of integrating the ALIEXPRESS marketplace.
ALIEXPRESS is currently the second marketplace with more sales and users in the world, only Amazon is bigger.
Selling on Aliexpress is available from this year to all sellers in Europe, the United States and Russia .. (and of course China)
I think that integrating marketplaces with a few thousand customers ... and ignoring the one with hundreds of millions doesn't make much sense.
Or at least indicate why it is not planned., 

Hello Angel,

We are currently running latest testing stages for the AliExpress integration. Would you like to participate in the closed beta? If you do, please create a ticket with the Linnworks Customisation team and we will process your request and assist you with the setup and testing. 

Kind regards,

Nikita Barford

Hi, this is also something we were wondering about!!

Excited to hear its in the final stages!

Would we also be able to participate in the closed beta?


Hi any news about this integration?

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