New Pricing What A Joke!

.....We have listened to you, we want to help small businesses, reward your loyalty, total crap!

Our subscription is due to increase from £200 to £450 that is a 125% increase, I will just repeat that, 125%!!

Your order volume breaks are well out of line unless you are a bedroom eBayer

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OK, so they have fixed the counted orders page, I am looking at ...wait for it....

A 500% increase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

****************  ridiculous

Yeah that's them changed to 12 months.

Oooft.  That's harsh Rich.

We sell LOTS of low value items, if my calculations are correct our cost looks like they will double!

Just got the message on the price increase. Gone from £1423 per year up to £5400 per year. 380% increase. How can they claim they are listening to there customers. Who on here has been asked an opinion regarding the price adjustments? Is anybody actually saving money with this new formula?

I will also be looking for an alternative. Why not have a basic version without all the bells and whistles for a £50 month and you can add on each feature for an extra £xx.xx per month. Most of the thins on Linnworks I do not use. 

Like everyone else, we are looking at 300%+ increase. Currently £150 and we are at the upper tier of the £450 price point... any additional sales volume at all will tip us over to paying the extra £0.12 per sale.  WTF do they think they are? We have lots of low value orders and they want similar monies to Amazon... it's a joke!  Bye Bye Linnworks.

Just booked a demo with selro to get someone to walk me through their solution. I was going to say fingers crossed it meets all our needs but even if it doesnt I will have to make do for 90% saving.

bah Linnnworks...bah bah bah

they want similar monies to Amazon... it's a joke!

Well Said Simon, They are not advertising our products and pushing for the sales, they should only be charging for the software service they are providing regardless of the amount of orders, What charging per order got to anything to do with Linnworks. Its should be a fixed fee for what services you want or need

What charging per order got to anything to do with Linnworks.

Everything went in the cloud. The cloud got expensive. Amen.

I agree with the comments about features, there are loads we simply dont need and dont use, some don't work properly and as for Monday printing well we all know about that.

What I really dont understand is that they can do the calculations and they can see that I am facing a 500% increase, they can see I am a low margin seller and the only way my business model works is through volume....oh wait now I see, they dont want my business...saves them having to actually fix Monday printing...just get rid of volume sellers.....abhorrent way to treat your customers.


This is ludicrous. These increases are not going to work with high volume SKU's at low value. We are still transitioning from another platform, not very successfully, but now we might have to go back to the drawing board as we can't justify this hike as it isn't scalable to pricing.   

Us to, we've spoken to linnworks but I'm not very happy at all with the response, so I'm going to start looking at other software as well 9 years we have been with them and in that time my price has trebled and I had to endure constant glitches and issues. I have about 3 weeks until out subscription expires.

So having thought about the yearly impact of this by bill will go up from  3k to a staggering £17,400.00 

AND THAT'S USING THE LOYALTY OFFER - for being such a loyal customer we will increase your bill by just £14,400.00


I would love a comment from Linnworks on how they think this is fair or acceptable.


Our model too is high volume orders / low price / low margin.  We will jump from £150.00/month to £450.00/month and will soon hit the upper order limit for this.

We have been with Linnworks for over 8 years.  Back in the day when it was mainly Fedor and Artem running the ship fresh out of Solent Uni. That was when they promised customer subscriptions would never increase as long as customers don't leave and stay loyal :)    We have been loyal followers ever since and swallowed up the big 2016 increase too with little fuss and on the whole have enjoyed the journey and watch Linnworks grow.

I cannot help agreeing with others though in feeling pretty unwanted now.  We cannot justify £450 / month.  Our account has clearly become a drain on resources so I guess its time to see if my business is wanted elsewhere.  We only have around 250 active SKUs and only use a fraction of the features Linnworks offer so it should'nt be too difficult albeit just a tad inconvenient.

I hope Linnworks have really researched this new pricing structure as I feel many of their customers are Ebay and Amazon sellers running on very tight margins.  A high volume of orders is not necessarily a good indicator of affordability.  Time will tell I guess.


Haven't done the calculations yet, but we have a lot of low price/low margin orders and I'm concerned our monthly fees will now increase by far too much.  We get many issues with Linnworks and find new features/updates are poorly programmed, it makes it very hard to justify higher monthly fees..... Last week we even struggled just to print our postage labels and now this!!!!

Linnworks you are pricing yourself out the game here. The Saas market is going nuts with pricing. This will be a mass exodus of users. Not to mention you have done this while some features have never even made it to .net.

Our pricing would jump from around £4000 per year to £20800 roughly as only Linnworks Business would realistically work for us. How many companies out there are just going to say yes to a 16K increase? Have you lost the plot? This is all because big companies have found ways of using only 2 users to dispatch thousands of orders. So stick them on enterprise pricing. Not everybody!

Your bottom tier is up to 1000 orders a month. You don't need linnworks if you are doing 1000 orders a month in most cases.

This is kicking your customers in the teeth.

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