New Pricing What A Joke!

.....We have listened to you, we want to help small businesses, reward your loyalty, total crap!

Our subscription is due to increase from £200 to £450 that is a 125% increase, I will just repeat that, 125%!!

Your order volume breaks are well out of line unless you are a bedroom eBayer

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Same here we will be going , trust has been broken, prices will increase in time. Very disappointing Linnworks really failed their loyal customers.

Agreed. I will be trialling Selro and having a Demo of Storefeeder moving forward. No rush now but definitely still looking to move

I too have received the email stating that my normal subscription can continue.

It seems that Linnworks have made an error of judgement here. I certainly won't be dropping them. I do feel that some are very critical of the software and how it works.

I think on balance it is a very good system and I was not looking forward to jumping ship to another provider. I did disagree with the level of extra cost and certainly did not plan to stay.

That being said the software is invaluable to me. It makes life so much easier and at £150.00 per month represents good value for money. I think that Linnworks should have gone along with a good old fashioned price increase. I would have paid a little bit extra per month as I think it is worth it. If the price went up by £30.00 or maybe even £50.00 per month I would have stayed.

This is a huge relief to me and I think most others will feel the same way.

It is a bit sad that so many have left knee jerk bad reviews for Linnworks but of course maybe the email we all got today would not have happened any other way. I hope that those who left a negative will remove it if this is possible.After all we are probably all victims of bad feedback from marketplaces and we don't like it and even find it upsetting at times so maybe everyone could reconsider?

I personally don't want to see the revenues at Linnworks go down and potentially threaten the service that we already receive.



Funny now there are some trustpilot 5 star reviews for linnworks listening to their customers!

what an absolute joke, I've just tried to ring customer support / sales and no reply whatsover, This is what you are paying a premium price for,

Linnworks may have retracted the changes for now but i would expect some form of increase in the future.

Today's announcement is a step in the right direction. For us it doesn't mean we will stay but gives us more breathing space to look at the pros and cons of the alternatives. Much of last week was spent looking at alternatives and making inquiries so we have to see this through. We will, in the end, make a decision based on what is best for our business. Trust is still a BIG issue and also Linnworks listening to its users. I have seen so many good suggestions by users, ignored by Linnworks (they tell you to log it but rarely do some minor but good feature requests get implemented). 

There is some much needed functionality missing from Linnworks, we have had to script our own SQL to provide this for ourselves. While it is good that Linnworks provides an SQL window to allow this, it would be even better if this functionality was native (a stock Control ordering table - that doesnt have the complexities of analytics)

The other concern I have is this insistence on moving to .net, I cant be the only user that thinks .net is not fit for purpose (at least for my business).  Maybe Linnworks should continue offering 2 products, linnworks cloud and  linnworks desktop. Maybe make linnworks desktop aimed at volume sellers that would self host and not impact the server load of cloud users. A year ago we were so worried about being forced to move .net we started developing our own desktop app. This I have to do in my limited spare time but we have a working prototype (that works with ebay) and we have just obtained api access to Royal Mail so that is the next stage. While I understand that moving to do .net is good for Linnworks (simplifies deployment for example) I am not sure Linnworks have ever considered what the CUSTOMER wants, and they are after all the person who pays the subs, if the customer wants a desktop app then why not give it to him/her?

In summary, I'm glad Linnworks has finally listened but that came after a BIG back lash and I would actually like Linnworks to listen to its loyal customers  on everyday on things that really matter. It is a culture change in the end that may influence my decision on whether to stay or go.

The news to us at first was a shock, I spoke out and probably should have stayed quiet. We also like many went on a hunt for other platforms and we simply couldn't find another system like Linnworks, Linnworks for us "Does make our life easier" Its Golden! The way we can assign certain SKU's to certain users and we also have some bespoke written scripts. We also have a bespoke google map which pings orders onto when they are placed, just a fun novel thing in reception and metting rooms. This last week i've carried a heavy weight on my shoulders looking at new systems and the news today was a breath of fresh air. We will be staying with Linnworks. I actually wouldn't mind a FAIR price increase, perhaps 10-20% a year is logical for their services.

Met with Store feeder today, very impressed with their onboarding process,  We use a lot of work arounds, scripts, api and other tweaks in Linnworks so we were worried that moving would be tricky, from what I have now seen from Store feeder I am pretty confident that it can do everything I get from Linnworks and a lot more, the android functionality is certainly impressive and being actively developed. I am 90% leaving now, it will take a big hitch as we complete onboarding to make us stop,  We are going to run the two side by side (store feeder has a read only mode making this possible) and see how they compare.

As a finished product store feeder works better than .net 

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