List the same product at multiple Magento views

Localization is important for online business, as customers feel more confident to purchase online when the product descriptions are written in their language, and the product costs are expressed in their currency.

Magento, which is the most popular shopping cart, offers the functionality to create a separate store view per language, and offer the same products at those views by applying the appropriate language at the product Titles and Descriptions.

Linnowrks as a listing tool for Magento can identify the different store views of a Magento implementations, but when the user tries to list a Linnworks product at multiple store views, Linnworks always sends Magento the CREATE command. As a result, the product can be listed at the first store view, but it fails to be listed at the other views, because its SKU already exists in Magento and so it cannot be CREATEd again. Instead, Linnworks should send the UPDATE command for the other store views so that the product is listed accordingly.

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