A Trial Linnworks account CANNOT be downgraded to a Community account once created.

Is this serious???

I mean, I really questionning the seriousness of this company ( Linnworks )  I mean I did enroll for the trial version but no where the warning was explicit and this is really ridiculous!!! ( Probably england humour!!! That I don't get)

Anyways for the other that don't get why a company who would want new customer to try their software and have a good feeling about their buisness practice here are some useful information:



This limitation mean that If for any reason in the futur the buisness is not going well or basically you want to reduce your activity. YOU CAN'T!



Hello Peter,

I see my colleague has already responded to your support ticket with exactly the same text, but I will respond here as well just to be sure.

A trial is meant to be the trial for a PRO plan and has all the benefits of the Pro plan. These include unlimited support, integrations, inventory, etc.  When you sign up for a trial, no credit card is required and you are free to register and try the software out at your own convenience for 14 days. During this trial, you will be contacted by one of our team members to understand your needs and help you in the right direction towards testing and setting-up. Once a trial of the Pro plan is completed you can sign-up to a paid plan on a monthly or an annual basis. This means that if your business does not go as expected, a monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time. Also any new customer has the right to cancel their first subscription in the first 14-days. This means that when you sign up and you change your mind, you have the right to a full refund. (as per our Terms&Conditions)

The community-plan is not at all meant to be a trial of a paid plan and does not end after 14-days either. The community plan is free for everyone to use, and several users who have a paid subscription even have a community plan 'on the side' to test new functionality, for instance. A community plan has some restrictions such as maximum 50 SKU's, 1 user and 3 channels, which is one of the reasons why migrating from a trial to a Community plan does not work. It is a great solution for starting businesses who can set things up with the help of our online documentation.   

If after trialling the software you feel like you need more time to grow your business before you are ready for a Pro-plan, you can always register for a Community plan with another e-mail address, and use Linnworks for free until you are ready to expand and grow your business. 

Hope this answers  your questions as good as possible,

Best regards,

Klaas Schippers

Customer Experience

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