Hardware and Barcode Scanner Set-Up

Hello All, New to linnworks and wanted some advice on best practise setup of hardware. I have 3 'packing stations' and wondering if best to set up desktop PCs, touchscreen all in one's or tablets at each packing station. Which will run best with linnworks.net? The Packers will have printed invoice (with barcode order Id) they will scan order id and then scan products (to ensure right items been picked correctly) if all ok item to be marked as dispatched and they then package it and place in shipping bin. As I'm new to linnworks not sure if above even possible (think it is) and wanted your advice on what hardware you recommend for reliability and speed. Also what type of barcode scanners you recommend for packing stations. Thanks in Advance


 Thank you for your questions. I'd would recommend using PC for Linnworks but it would work with the tablet (tablet should have windows installed so you could use all functions available) as well if you set up the open order view(s) so that all of the actions would be on buttons (such as Printing specific invoice and processing the orders). However, using Linnworks on a PC would still be optimal.

 Documentation on working with Open Order views: http://www.linnworks.com/support/order-book/open-order/using-the-open-order-screen/open-order-working-with-views

 Using the "Despatch Console" you can scan in the order ID and then the items so and then it will also process the orders. In addition to that, you can set change the settings so that orders could only be processed once the barcodes of the items have been scanned (that can be configured under Settings -> General Settings -> Order Settings).

 In regards to barcode scanners, we don't have a recommendation but it should be a simple input device that just inserts the scanned number into the field in Linnworks. In addition to that, it's possible to use mobile devices (phone, tablet) along with applications from the app store and with the camera to scan the barcodes.

 More about barcodes here: https://help.linnworks.com/support/solutions/articles/7000004239-using-handheld-barcode-scanners 

 Please let us know if you have any further questions or this or if you require any assistance.

With Best Regards,

Linnworks Technical Support

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