eBay Royal Mail Shipping Tags

Can anyone advise if eBay have made changes to their shipping tags that they pass to linnworks for the shipping method that the customer has selected?

We have had an issue from yesterday whereby every single ebay order no longer prints the correct PPI stamp. We have this set within the PPI element in our dispatch note template. It has worked like a dream for years and all of a sudden it has stopped working.

Linnworks support (when they finally responded!) simply state what was passed from ebay, and say it doesnt match with linnworks, but why did it work for years, then all of a sudden decide not to??

Any help much appreciated.


When order is downloaded into Linnworks, then service is assigned based on Shipping Service Mapping in Linnworks.net or Rules Engine. Also service can be assigned manually from Open Orders screen. Based on this Linnworks postal service a PPI stamp will be generated.

1. Please check that Shipping Service Mapping for eBay is correct. If you are not sure about the tag that eBay submits to Linnworks, then you can check order XML (right click an order > View > View Order XML > OrderInfo > TransactionType > ShippingServiceSelected > ShippingService). This tag should be added into Shipping Service Mapping and linked to Linnworks postal service.

2. Once you make sure that correct service is assigned, then you need to check your PPI stamp mapping. http://www.linnworks.com/Doc/Template_Designer_Invoices_Packing_Lists_Pick_Lists_Conditional_Printing#PPIStamp

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