CN22 from Zebra Printer - just like NetDespatch do

I recently set up NetDespatch for a user with volumes too low for a Linnworks sub.

What surprised me was that after he had printed the 2D barcode from the Zebra printer, he was given the option to print the CN22 on the next Zebra printer label.

So 2 labels popped out. The address then a correctly formatted CN22 (albeit on a 6x4 label).

What a great idea.

And NetDespatch are part of Royal Mail so it's obviously an approved Royal Mail solution too.

I've been using a custom CN22 on my invoice templates for years but it is clunky and time wasting for everyone to have to do their own.

So please Linnworks, copy the NetDespatch idea and have a CN22 option for the Zebra printers we are all using for our 2D barcode set-up.

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